Heating system 2.0

As we have decided to live on the boat full time we have really been thinking about what is going to be a challenge? The smaller space? The lack of storage? Water? etc.

One thing that we really have thought of is how we should  be able to have a nice and comfortable inner climate. Adagio is fully isolated above the waterline with double glaced windows etc but we only had a diesel air heater, and its working fine for shorter periods when you are often on the boat but not for continuous heating, we needed somting else.

We decided to install a water heating system with several thermostats to be able to fine tune the climate in every part of the boat. We also wanted to to conect the system to shore power combined with diesel and engine heating.

For us it was important to have a two pipe pressurised system, these systems are more likely to work better, especially if you have a longer installation.

One pipe systems tends to have a lot of heat on the first part of the system but as longer away from the heating source the weaker and weaker the system becomes, These systems are often low pressure systems and another disadvantage of these systems is that they usually do not handle height differences so well. Another problem was that we did not have the room to mount common elements on the outside of our pannels.


Our choice fell on a MPC-system from "Bil o Marintrim" in Sweden. This system have aerotempers that you install on the inside of the panel and every aerotemp have their own thermostat which means that you can have the same temperature in every part of the boat depending on how much heating that part of the boat needs.

It is a pressurised two pipe system with electrical 1,2,and 3Kw

cartridge heaters which means that you can choose  strength depending on how much shore power you have.

(A 10 amp fuse which is common in Sweden can be charged with 2200W.) The system have a 6 KW diesel heater and we also connect the system to the engine for engine heat.

In total we have seven aerotempers and floor heating in the head outside the shower and in the galley.

We also have heating under the bed if ve want some extra comfort when we go to sleep.

We can start the diesel heating system remote if we want, we think this is a good idea if it gets really coold and the electrical heating is not enough the diesel heater can take care of the extra heating that is needed and its warm and comfy when we get back to the boat.

The pipes that should be used is PEX hoses, the same type that is in house heating systems. This is because in the system you want as little expansion and inertia as possible. We chosed to use Uponor PEX hose and Uponor Qick and Easy couplings which is a great system and easy to install in confined spaces. The only disadvantage is that once you have put the coupling and hoose thogether it is impossible to take a part.

So it must be rigth the first time : -)

The start of the istallation was to get the two main pipes in place, they run all the way from the back of the boat where the main system is placed. These two pipes are 22mm x 3mm and not so flexible so it was quite hard to get them in place. On the main pipes we fitted T-conections to the 15mm x 2mm that goes to the aerotempers these are a little more flexible and easier to install.

After that it was time for the aerotempers to be fitted toghether and installed. It was a little bit tricky whith the cutting to make them fit.

We decided to install them where the old air heater outlets was placed before to avoid cutting new holes all ower the boat. Then it was time for the hoses that goes from the main system to the engine and water heater, four hooses in total  The total lenght of all hoses and pipes for the heating system was about 90 meters and to mount these was the absolutely hardest part! The power supply 24V was easy. We could use the same as for the old air heater. On the 230V side we desided to have a separate insulation transformer from Mastervolt. 

Later on when we have used the system for a while we will write a summary on how its working.

Down below you will find some pictures from the installation.