We are selling the house!!

This is scary, exiting, hard work and sometimes it feels like we have gone completely nuts!

Sell the house to live on a boat?!

Well, we have been thinking about this quite a long time before we got to the point to actually sell the house!


We had come to a point in life were we were tired of all the maintenance and projects it means to have a house, Don't get us wrong, we have had many amazing years in the house and have really enyoied to build, maintain and develop our property but time changes.

We realized that we got more and more stuck in the rat race with our jobs and house projects and got less time for exploring and enyoing other things in life. We both felt that its time for a new chapter and felt the need for a change.

So we are selling! How hard can it bee?

It feels like every one are selling their house now and then.

Before selling we of course had some projects that we need to finish first.

First of all we had to finish the renovation on our upper floor, Our house was a turn key house with an un prepared upper floor. Since our family have been very small (just us and our two cats) we havent felt the need of more space and therefore we havent prioritized the renovation. We have had more fun things to spend our time and money on, like travelling, buying a boat etc....;-)

But to get the interest up and maximise the value when selling we realized that we couldnt escape this project any longer.

With the help from some really close and great friends we started the project in april-19. The project included isolation, building inner walls, setting up doors, creating 3 bed rooms and one family room. 

We all (mostly our dear friends) worked hard until summer vacation with setting up walls, ceiling etc. We took a five weeks well deserved vacation and went out sailing. During the summer  period another great friend worked hard to finish the painting of walls and ceilings. 

It was really exiting to get home and see the result :-)

After the vacation the project continued. It was time for a new floor, doors and many other details

At the same time we got in contact with our estate agent... It´s getting closer..... "What are we doing!?!?!"

We got great help from our agent who coached us through the whole selling process. Before getting the house out for sell there is a list of things to take care of. For example "Home styling"... Since the upper floor was brand new we didnt have any furniture to decorate with and to get attractive pictures is better to have a furnished house for display than an empty one. So we hired an expert:-) When she was done with her magic our home was transformed to something taken out from a Plaza interior magazine. All our personal things was removed and replaced by a ton of blankets, pillows and  plants in diffrent lenghts and hights. Amazing!

This actually helped the emotional process a lot.. Since the home was "no longer ours" it´s easier to let go.

Meanwhile the stylist and the agent worked to get the house ready for photo and advertising we escaped to spain for a week visiting Magdalenas dad.

It felt better to stay away during the process instead of living in the "interior museum", afraid that the pillows and blankets weren´t at the right place or shape after sleeping in our bed or relaxing in the sofa.

One week later the house was sold:-) No return!

Ok, the house is sold... What should we do with all the stuff that we have collect over the years?

Since the boat has limited capacity compared to a house we had to find a solution.. We bought a shipping container:-) 

The problem though with containers is that they tends to be quite moisty inside... But everything has a solution - let´s start a new project:-)

We isolated it and put in a new floor to prevent the damp from building up. The result was actually that good so if the boat life doesn´t work maybe a container life could be the bail out;-)

The keys were handed over at end of January and we have lived on the boat since Feb-2020. The boat life has it´s ups and downs, mainly ups and now when the heating system finally works as a clock work there is actually nothing we miss. We do not miss the house at all. The sence of freedom is fantastic and also the simpler life that comes with it. Right now our feeling is that we will not need the bail out but it´s still a comfort knowing it´s there:-)

Br Magdalena and Daniel