We are a couple that always have loved exploring and we are curious in what life have to offer. When we first met (2001) Daniel haven´t traveld that much exept for some vacations  to the sun with his parents to Spain in an early age. Magdalena was more in to travelling and booked our first trip together after four weeks...To Thailand, this was in 2001 and we back packed and island jumped in western Thailand for two weeks, it was awesome! Exept for the food. After one week Daniel was nerly starwing to death and found the relif in Phuket by one of the best steaks ever eaten, its not easy traveling in Asia if you dont like rise:-)

The years after we traveld to a lot of places, Thailand again in 2004 and this time whith a dive certifikate!

What an amazing planet we have under the surface! We back packed Thailand once again for four weeks and dived a lot! And like many other people we really fell in love whith Asia and Thailand.

The years after we visited many interesting countries often during the winter season in Sweden.

Many of our trips was whith diving i mind, We travelled Philipines for a month and visited many islands and divespots like Apo island, Cebu, Palawan etc. 

Dubai whith diving and some indoor skiing:-)

Mexico and their amazing cenote/cave-diving, Cozumel and some fantastic driftdives. On land we of course visited all the maya indian ruins, really cool places:-).

Magdalenas father is from Spain so we are in Spain a lot for visiting family and of course to explore.

We have both grown up on the west coast of Sweden and we have always loved spending our time close to the sea.

Daniel have always enjoyed boating and crusing, much because his father who competed in boat racing when he was yonger and later on brought his family on crusings during the summers.

Since we met we have always had some kind of boat and started togheter with open small motorboats whithout beds and posibillity for cooking, by then we spend the nights in a tent on some nice island. It was cosy when it not rained:-) During the years we have owned a lot of different boats, renovated them and sold them for somthing bigger and better with more comfort. Today we are very happy owners of Adagion and the plan is to keep her for many years.

During the years our work, careers and maintenace of our house have taken more and more of our time. Of course its allways nice to have a god job, a nice house and a new car. But we felt we are in some way stuck in the rat race. Is this it? Go up early and spend most of the day in your job and be home late for even more job on the house, and if you are lucky you have some energy left for training and spending time whith family and friends.

No! We know its more to explore and experience! We beleive that the more things you own the more stuck you are. (Hope we are right:-)

So now we are down sizing, we have sold the house and plan to live full time on the boat to be able to save money and have more time left over for planning new adventures.

The plan is to live and work home in Sweden for a couple of years and if everything goes as we think, we can take a break from work for a period and spend our time sailing and visiting new and exotic places!

We have dreams of where we want to go, and it includes a lot of places so let´s see...

To mention some:

Norway, England, Scottland, all the countries down to the mediterrannian and crusing in the mediterrainian and maybe do a crossing to the caribbean.

This is huge plans and a lot can happen but hopefully this dream will become real one day, Some of it or all of it:-)

Br Daniel and Magdalena